No two engagements are exactly alike. 

Because you are not just like anyone else we have ever worked with, our work with you can’t be either. At the same time, given our common humanity, the underpinnings of our work are universal and provide sustained benefits over time. 

Our work is Socratic in nature.

We engage with you in a series of inquiries and dialogues designed to stimulate critical thinking, insight, clarity and freedom about the things that matter most to you. These discoveries give brand new meaning to who you are, who others are, and what you can accomplish. 

Whether on the Leadership, Performance or Mastery tracks, we offer customized one to one consulting and team engagements as well as programs.

One to One Executive Consulting Engagements

Our customized one to one engagements begin with developing a unique set of objectives that will require a breakthrough in your business leadership, thinking and performance.  Over the course of the engagement you will learn a methodology for accessing breakthroughs now and in the future.  We work with you as a committed partner in implementing your new insights and capacities and ensuring that you achieve the results you envisioned.


Custom Team Engagements

We work with leaders and their teams to achieve significant improvements in performance and effectiveness that are quantitative and qualitative.  Participants learn our unique methodology for accessing breakthrough performance and apply this learning to specific performance challenges individually and as a team. Typical areas of inquiry are accountability, communication, dealing with breakdowns effectively, and discovering integrity as the foundation for extraordinary results.