Invenio is privileged to collaborate with world-class consultants, each of whom are masters at their craft and bring distinct areas of expertise. Please meet three of our key colleagues.



Dianne has been working with business leaders to transform their companies and their lives for over 30 years. Dianne is one of the foremost consultants in the United States in working with small business owners and their teams to realize breakthrough results in their businesses. She has developed a suite of leading edge programs for small business leaders and thousands of people have participated in her work. She is also a master one to one coach. 



Carolyn Fine specializes in leadership development and organizational culture change. She empowers leaders and their teams to design an organizational future that inspires people, shapes new behaviors and actions and mobilizes the workforce to accomplish unpredictable results. Her clients have won national quality awards, been mentioned in presidential citations and been lauded in the business press for breakthroughs in teamwork and union management cooperation that led to significant bottom line payoffs. 


Kim Gustavsson is a native of Sweden, has studied 7 languages and travels the world for work and play. Kim is a productivity master. He has led workshops and custom engagements for thousands of people over the past 10 years that revolutionize their thinking and practices for maximum performance and
achieving new levels of work life balance.