The Being A Leader
and the Effective Exercise of Leadership Course



We hear about “great” people all the time—people producing unimaginable results in spite of impossible circumstances. We hear about them after they have “gotten there” or “achieved that”. In hindsight we will say they are brilliant or she is a genius to make sense of their accomplishments.

To assume that great leaders were born extraordinary is a fallacy that keeps us from becoming phenomenal leaders ourselves. With all of the information available today on how to be a leader it is remarkable that we find ourselves in a leadership crisis. Whether in business, politics, or governance, powerful, effective leadership seems to be in short supply.

This approach interrupts the common view that our behaviors and actions, and therefore our results, are a function of what we know or whether or not we have “the right stuff”, and demonstrates that our performance is much more a function of how we see ourselves, others and the world around us. By shifting our perspective on ourselves and the world a real transformation in matters of our own leadership naturally unfolds.


A New Science of Leadership

The Being A Leader And The Effective Exercise Of Leadership Course is based on the groundbreaking ontological/phenomenological approach to leadership established by Werner Erhard and Michael Jensen. For a deeper understanding of the methodology and material of the course and how it is distinct from other leadership offers, please visit the website


Course Content & Unique Method

This course is an intensive leadership laboratory that includes off-site sessions, webinars, individual coaching, course assignments and a leadership project. Whether you already hold a leadership position or not, or even consider yourself a leader at all, you will experience breakthroughs in leadership that expand over time.

In This Course You Will:

  • Master the foundations of leadership and be able to live them powerfully.

  • Discover being committed to something bigger than yourself and have breakthroughs in being a leader in those areas of your business and life.

  • Deepen your insight and courage to act decisively in what really matters to you.

  • Be challenged to break through in areas where you have been stopped by the circumstances or become resigned about the condition.

  • Find the natural charisma of leadership within yourself.

  • Produce bold, unexpected results that have not been reliably available to you before.

Who is this course for?

This course is for business owners, executives, managers, and emerging leaders in business, non-profits and government. The course is designed for people who have commitments in their organizations and lives that
require a new level of leadership
performance to deliver on.

You will leave this course being a leader and exercising leadership effectively as your natural self-expression in any situation and no matter what the circumstances.

Nancy Kleiman has been consulting, coaching and developing leaders for over 25 years.

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