We have a deep respect and affinity for our clients and what they are up to personally, with their businesses, and the human family.  In fact, we consider our clients to be our friends for life and strive for them to see us 
that way as well.

Nancy has had a remarkable impact on my professional success and personal happiness.  There are likely a number of different ways to characterize her approach, but I often say she helps you get out of your own way.  No one is more adept at identifying and maximizing one's strengths and developing a process and the courage to address one's weaknesses.  She is a trusted advisor and after our work together I am proud to call her a friend.

—BRIAN PRYOR, Managing Director
Investment Banking 
Data Center Practice


Client Feature

At the end of 2011, I found our investment banking business was for lack of a better word—stuck. We were not failing but we were also not growing and I sensed a feeling of resignation among our partners. I also felt our entire team to be somewhat disheartened and lacking in enthusiasm for what we do. As the Managing Partner I found myself, for the first time, wondering if and how we would revitalize our business.

This is when I brought Nancy in to do some one to one consulting with me. Nancy took the time to really understand our business, and more to the point, to understand my biggest concerns and challenges.

Through a series of rigorous conversations my own sense of resignation began to disappear and new possibilities began to emerge for me about our business.

One of the most significant outcomes of our work has been a whole new understanding of what it means to be a leader. I now see that being a leader is not just about continuing to build a successful business financially but it is also about inspiring others to create new possibilities and opportunities beyond what they previously considered possible.

Over the last four years Nancy has continued to be a key resource, coach and trusted advisor for me and our company.

She has completed a number of successful engagements with members of our team individually and our whole company. Today, our business is thriving. We have moved to a level of success that was unimaginable four years ago. We have had three record breaking years and are on track for a fourth. We have launched two new exciting sectors, one in Renewable Energy which is the realization of a personal vision of mine. Most importantly my partners and I are having fun again. I can say without any hesitation that I would not be the business leader I am today without Nancy’s masterful consulting and support.

—GREG WIDROE, Managing Director
Media Venture Partners

Leader of Telecom & Renewable Energy Practices

I had the extraordinary opportunity to work with Nancy on my leadership development over the course of 3.5 years. As an H.R. career professional in the world of Fortune 100 business, I have been a part of countless leadership offerings. Nancy’s work with me was by far the most life-changing. I discovered that leadership happens in conversations, and I learned the art of distinguishing conversations that make a difference from those that  perpetuate the status quo, unworkability, ineffectiveness, and dissatisfaction at work.  I am now adept at shifting 
conversations that don’t work and getting them back on track.  “Breakthrough” is no longer a buzz word for me—due to my work with Nancy I have produced them over and over again.  I am most impressed by the enduring, ever expanding value of the training I received.  As a person in this business I wish that all professionals could have such a unique and powerful developmental experience as I did.

—TAMMY GEER, Manager
Large Scale Change Effort
Global Energy Fortune 100


Nancy has an uncanny ability to zero in on what stops us from unleashing our productivity and wholeheartedly enjoying our work again (especially when we can’t see what it is ourselves). 
She has a very effective toolbox of practices that we use every day in our business, from how to turn big goals into reality step by step, to addressing breakdowns calmly so we discover long-lasting improvements, to being with challenging clients in ways that are honest and inviting.  Nancy lets me see that just about anything is possible.

 —LIZA PRUNISKE, Founding Principle 
Environmental Consulting and Ecological Planning and Restoration Firm